No-Gi Rules

No-Gi Rules, Time Limits, & Points

There are three divisions classifications when you register.

Novice/Beginner: Less than one year of grappling experience


All Kid Divisions – 3 Minutes

12-14 years – 4 Minutes

15-17 years – 4 Minutes

Men, Women, Masters

All Masters skill levels – 5 Minutes

Beginners & Intermediate – 5 Minutes

Advanced – 6 Minutes



Takedowns – 2 POINTS

Sweep from the Guard – 2 POINTS Knee on Stomach Position – 2 POINTS Guard Pass – 3 POINTS

Rear Mount Position (w/ hooks) – 4 POINTS

Mount Position – 4 POINTS

* You must hold your position for 3 seconds to obtain the points*


Our tournaments will follow a Round Robin format. Absolute Divisions will follow Single Elimination format. The competitors that continue in the Winners Bracket who make it to the Championship Round in the Absolute divsion will be competing for 1st and 2nd place.


Some competitors when you lose a match you will be inserted into the Consolation Bracket to compete for 3rd place in the Absolute Division.

If there are no other competitors registered in your division you may be placed in another division in order for you to participate. Team Points will not be awarded for divisions with 1 competitor. We reserve the right to either subdivide or combine divisions, weight classes, or age classes the day of the event depending on the turnout.


Each Competitor will be allowed to register in ONE DIVISION ONLY.


All competitors must weigh-in. There is NO weight allowance at weigh-ins. Each competitor must submit an on-line registration form, sign the electronic waiver, and pay the entry fee.


If the match is tied at the end of regulation the referee will decide the winner based on advantage points. If advantage points are tied then decision will go to competitor with the first takedown.


We will do our best to pair up Kids according to weight and age no more than 2 years apart. For example ages groups may be (6-7) (8-9) (10-11) (12-13) (14-15). We will do our best to not mix girl and boy competitors, but it may be necessary.


Kids need to be registered according to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt rankings (White, Yellow, Orange, Green). Karate or Tae Kwon Do belt rankings may be the same color, but are not equivalent to the skill level as jiu-jitsu. Consult your Jiu-Jitsu instructor before registering your child to avoid your child being entered into the wrong division.


We reserve the right to refuse service.


We reserve the right to close the tournament registration at any time in order to benefit our event organization.


We reserve the right to change the date and/or location of the tournament. All competitors are required to wear mouth protection.



  • T-shirts or a Rash Guard must be worn during the match.
  • Shoes ARE NOT ALLOWED in Gi or No-Gi divisions.
  • Competitors can wear Fight Shorts, Board Shorts, or Gi pants. (No mesh gym shorts).
  • Fighters are NOT allowed to grab and use their opponents clothing while applying submission techniques or going for a takedown.
  • No Slamming (from the Guard, Takedown, or caught in a submission).
  • No throwing an opponent off the mat or spiking an opponent on his/her head
  • No strikes of any kind
  • No attacks to the front of the windpipe ( i.e. Finger in throat), eyes (elbows, palms, fingers, etc.) or groin.
  • No pushing palm or elbow directly into nose.
  • No small joint manipulation (fingers or toes)
  • No spitting and or swearing. Also, any “sudden outbursts” made by a competitor during a match will be considered a “Verbal Tap” and will result in an immediate referee stoppage.
  • Any intentional use of an illegal technique or act of poor sportsmanship will result in the immediate ejection of that competitor.
  • If competitors are deadlocked or go out of bounds without being in a dominate position, the referee may re-start the match from a standing position.
  • Competitor cannot disengage from the “fight” once it is on the ground.
    • 1st offense will result in a warning
    • 2nd offense in a 1 point deduction
    • 3rd offense will result in disqualification.
  • A competitor cannot exit the ring at any time to escape a submission that is “locked in”.
  • In the event of a tie then the match will be decided by which competitor got the first takedown. If there was no takedown a sudden death overtime match will decide the winner. The competitor who gets the first takedown in overtime will be declared the winner.
  • Referee’s decision is final!



  • NO SUBMIISSIONS ALLOWED for the 5-7 years olds! (all skill levels)
  • No attacks below the waist (No Knee bars, straight ankle locks, or toe holds)
  • No wrist locks
  • No neck cranks (i.e. can opener)
  • No “Jumping Guard”
  • No Guillotine for Kids Competitors. Guillotines are legal in teen divisions.



  • No heel hooks, Leg/knee reaping, toe holds, crucifixes, & bicep or calf slicers
  • No “Jumping Guard”



  • No heel hooks or knee/leg reaping